Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not Time To Back Down

So we have a re-electeced President.   Many of us may feel let down, exhausted for all that we did to try and elect Govenor Romney.  Some just hoped our votes would somehow make the change.  Unfortunately, we are stuck with the same crap we've been stuck with for the pat 4 years.  All that I can advise is to start putting your money away, now!  My Grandmother once told me, "Save your coins and hide them away."  I never quite understood why, but now I do.  Don't put your money in a bank where you earn nothing and could be taken away if you are late on your gas, water or electric bill.   Yes folks, we are back in a time where we need to hide our savings.  Unfortunate, but true.



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Saturday, January 14, 2012


I am still working on my new website, but THIS website will still remain,.  Thanks to everyone who has stuck around!

At that end, I have been watching the GOP Presidential Debates.  Admittedly, no specific televised channel has made me feel warm and fuzzy about their questions (surprisingly not even FOX).    The lines of questioning either left me feeling robbed from the candidates I wanted to hear from, or the quiries were not what typical Americans want to ask and have answered.

Since I  happen know a little about American History, I wonder how our Forefathers would think of these debates. Would they be proud?  Would they look on  the debates in dismay?

Whether you have watched or listened to the Presidential Debates, what say you?   Tell me, do you think the media questions are having on the "Independent Party" voters?  As a conservative voter, I wonder what are the "Tea Party" voters thinking?

Please, let me know how you feel….oh and I'm not some poll-taker.   I don't even believe in polls, just in truth.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Starting A Spin-Off

I am starting a spin-off website that will be full of American patriotic products, recipes, ways to celebrate being an American, Gifts, and other American Patriotic things.  I will post the link here when I get it up and running.  I am still looking into various vendors willing to give deep discounts.

Additionally, my new website will be in support of our American troops and their families.  It is a work in progress. I hope to relate to the many Americans who visit my website and request these things for themselves, their families and their Corporation.

I will keep you posted as to my newest website. I will keep following up with this website.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is Mitt Really "Itt"?

I have been watching the debates, waiting for that stand-out candidate.  Yet, like so many others, I am not really satisfied with my choices.  Wondering…is this it?  Is Mitt "Itt"?  Now, I'm not saying he isn't good for conservatives, but there is just no momentum.  Nobody cheering…"MITT IS IT"!!  What other real choices do we have?  What would convince me to stand behind a future a President?  Well, I finally figured it out.  If President Bush were to come out and endorse and give his reasons why…well…I'd be right beside him!

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