Tuesday, August 2, 2005

France Agrees with Washington

Since France and other Countries so cowardly chose not to support the United States in Iraq, I have been anti-French. I, in fact, have a bumper sticker on my van that states "Boycott France" courtesy of Bill O'Reilly. I have explained to my children my feelings about other Countries that have not stood with us in our war on terror, especially France. Explaining all of this to my children wasn't easy but they understand the word "fickle" and that's the most descriptive word I could come up with. Another example is this; My husband and I recently purchased a set of Christmas ornaments that depicted snowmen holding the flags of many nations. I said to my husband, "I'm not hanging the one with the French flag, nor the ones with the German and Russian flags. Not on my tree!"

Today, the EU (including France) have come out and warned Iran to abide by the agreement to suspend uranium processing or they will take the matter to the Security Council. The EU has been resisting the US to bring the matter to the UN. So, what's changed? I believe it has more to do with Britain than Washington. Since the London terror attacks, Blair has been putting pressure on many Nations to wake up to the threat of terrorism.

Could it be that France and Germany realize the potential that terrorism will reach their Country and look like the fools they are for not supporting the War on Terror? I believe so. Phillippe Douste-Blazy, French foriegn minister, said, "The Iran matter seems very serious to me-it may trigger a major international crisis." Really? Where have you been? Oh yes, that's right, living under a rock when you believed Iraq and Saddam Hussein couldn't inflict an international crisis. Even though they already had massacred thousands of innocents.

How will the UN and the EU respond to this "crisis"? Will they want the US to send it's troops and weapons into Iran beside them if Iran doesn't cooperate? How will American's feel about that? This American doesn't feel too fuzzy about it. Where are the French troops now that, as of today, 1,801 U.S. troops have died in Iraq while Chirac and his troops sit by and will eventually reap the benefits of Iraqi oil? I can't even predict how this will all pan out. One thing I can say is….told you so!!!!!!

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