Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Since there are apparently people who have nothing better to do with their time than to mess with my blog, I have turned on my ability to Moderate Comments. It is truly a pathetic world when a blog about being a Patriotic Mom has to have this kind of protection from predators.

So, for those of you who post, please be patient if you post a comment as it may take some time for me to get them up. I apologize for the inconvenience.

To the morons who do this… may God forgive you for your lack of intellgience and your hard-core display of intolerance. This could only come of liberal jackasses.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Christi S. King @ 8:34 pm


You should feel honored by having them prove that you are speaking the truth to which they have no argument they can convey in words

Mike's America @ 9:36 pm

The folks who do this show that they have absolutely nothing positive to contribute to the much needed political discussion we need to have as we face life and death issues. It's a shame that they are so warped by an ideology of hate and they deserve nothing but our contempt.

Keep up the good work.

Pamela Reece @ 11:21 pm

Thank you both for your kind words and know that I will never, and I mean NEVER, give up my position of a conservative Bush supporter. Hate is what drives them and that is the difference…I am driven by God and Love and Country.

Blessings to you both this Thanksgiving and always.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dave @ 2:43 am

If people are leaving rude or insulting posts then you are quite correct to delete those posts but I do hope that you will allow posts that do not necessarily agree with your point of view.
I've read a lot of your blog and it is self evident that you are what you say you are, a 'patriotic Mum' doing her best for her family etc. However I am a 'patriotic Dad' from the south of England who probably has very similar views to you on many subjects but happens to believe along with 60% (approx) of the US population, at the latest count, and almost all of europe that Bush is a dangerous man and quite possibly corrupt. Please let's not stifle debate.

Fred @ 9:21 am

Yeah, what Dave said!

Pamela Reece @ 9:51 am

Fred & Dave,
I enjoy healthy debates. In fact, I have actually changed my position on a few things as a result of them. I am fair and open-minded. It is only when people swear at me, threaten me and use language that would insult anyone. My children read this blog occassionally and I dont think they learn anything by seeing that vulgarity is the answer. So, to answer your comment, no I wont delete comments that are of a different view than mine.

Thanks for your respectful comments!

I missed what went on, but it's your blog and you run it as you see fit, Pamela. I think every blog is bound over time to attract the occasional troll who can only make non-constructive attacks as he cowardly sits from behind the obscure safety of his computer screen.

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