Friday, December 16, 2005


The following paragraph is posted today on Fred's Humboldt Blog:

"If Chris did decide to put up a blog, it would be interesting to see which one I would find more disturbing. Could she beat the current winner on my Scariest Right Wing Blogs List, Patriotic Mom? Patriotic Mom is your stereotypical, blind nationalist, War Party, christian gal. I check her blog every day and do indeed find it disturbing but, no, I don't leave nasty comments. Can Chris beat her? Start a blog, Chris, and let the games begin!

PS: I don't really have a list of SCARY blogs of any kind, but, of the blogs I visit every day, Patriotic Mom is the most bothersome to me."

Wow, Fred, I'm flattered!! Me, scary and bothersome? Why on God's green planet would little old me be scary or bothersome? I appreciate that you don't leave nasty comments, Fred. It shows that you have respect and character. What I don't appreciate is you inciting a blog-fight. I know we don't agree on a lot of issues but do you honestly believe that I am one of the "Scariest Right Wing Blogs"? I have to say, I've been called a lot of things in my lifetime but never, ever have I been called "scary". In fact, I am one of the most gentle, loving caring women you could meet.

So, Fred, my fellow American, while I appreciate your daily hits, I think you are overlooking a lot about me. If my blog frightens you, go read some of the seriously radical right-wing blogs. This blog is not just about conservativsim, but it is pro-troop, pro-American, and a little about my personal life, too.

Answer this question for me, Fred. Why am I so scary and bothersome? Tell me the truth, because I would like an honest answer. Don't hold back. I'm up for a healthy discussion and I do have an open mind…so let's hear it.

I bet if we were introduced somewhere, and you had now knowledge of this blog, you'd be glad we had met.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Fred @ 7:03 pm

If you noticed, I added a PS at the bottom of that post that said I don't really have a list of SCAREY (sic?), Right Wing Blogs.

I just found yours to be the most "SCAREY", as far as the Right Winger blogs, cause it's based on blind nationalism, perpetual war, and all else that has caused so much harm to this country and the world.

I actually think that you're a sweetie. I have some fairly good friends here in my town that think much along your lines. At the same time, I have a hard time believing they'd actually follow the blind nationalism they follow if they realized where that leads.

They too, follow along with that effort to whip us into a martial fervor. I don't have a problem with military action, per se, but none of this has anything to do with defending our "freedom". The biggest threat to freedom in this country lies within ourselves and the politicians and bureaucrats make up our government.

Pamela Reece @ 8:10 pm


Yes, I saw your PS…however, you still did not answer my question. Why am I so "scary"?

I am not based upon "blind nationalism" nor am I for "perpetual war". In fact, I hate war. However, I feel I must support our troops and their mission. If we don't, then one can not proclaim themselves to be a true patriot.

Fred, I was a Democrat all of my life (if you had read my blog you'd know this). It was Clinton who ruined this for me. His "indescretions" disgraced me and my country. I began to learn that the democratic ways were not mine as are many who moved from one party to another.

All I would ask of you, Fred, is to try and understand that I am a loving, caring person. The agenda of my blog is not to sway others to my thoughts or beliefs, but rather just to share them. If others disagree, well, that's fine with me. I am open and willing to listen to everything. I am just astounded that you would consider my blog to be scary or radical.

Also, I realize I am "a work in progress"..please go back and read my post entitled "my religion". I am a humbled human being who is eagar to learn and understand. So, with that said, thank you for your comment. However, Fred, you still did not directly answer my question…What makes me so scary?

Mark Maness @ 9:01 pm

LOL, Fred better stay away from my blog. Mine will cause a major cardiac infarction!

Mark Maness @ 9:07 pm

Congrats, Pam, It should be considered a high compliment for a Liberal to call you scary.

fred, I have just the person for you to visit: Angry Republican Mom.

It is perplexing that you would consider Pamela "stereotypical" and a "blind patriot". If you actually divorce yourself a moment from your own ideological colored lens, you would see that she is highly informed on matters, and is far from radical and "blind". I think that is quite insulting.

I find statements like this

cause it's based on blind nationalism, perpetual war, and all else that has caused so much harm to this country and the world.

condescending opinion assumed to be factual when you say this war and nationalism has caused so much harm.

If this is all you come away with, you really don't understand conservatives and those who support the military, and those who are in the military.

Not many of us truly are "pro-war" in the sense that we enjoy war. I don't see President Bush as a warmonger.

What I do believe, is that some wars are necessary to engage in for long-term goals of peace and prosperity. I believe the one we are in now is one of those wars. Its success will hopefully help change the landscape of the Middle East for the better.

What would the costs be to this country if America didn't give terrorists a strong show of force? If we hadn't gone into Iraq to enforce 12 years of UN Resolution violations, what would Zarqawi be doing now?

Anyway, it's very odd how you have (mis)characterized Patriotic Mom.

It's not blind nationalism to understand intelligently, our place in the world theater. Nor critically understanding the importance of our military and the mission they have before them.

Go read a book like "Anti-Americanism" by Jean Francois Revell, and you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Of course, if optimism and unconditional love of our uniformed men and women makes her a blind nationalist, well, then you can count me in!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fred @ 9:24 am

First, folks, I consider myself a libertarian, not a liberal. I was a registered Republican for most of my life switching to Libertarian in '92. Second, I do have some familiarity with the military and those who serve. I spent fifteen years voluntarily in the Army National Guard (17 if you count my IRR time). I think it's safe to say that those who served with me would say I was a pretty gung ho trooper. Heck, I even subscribed to the Military Book Club for a number of years. How's that for gung ho?

I spent a few months in Saudi Arabia just after the main hostilities ended in Gulf War 1 and I appreciated all the stuff people would send from stateside to help us out.

That said, I find the war effort cheerleading to be disturbing, at best. It's understandable, to some extent, but nonetheless troubling. With that kind of support to those in power, and I think trying to paint a great picture of our invasion of Iraq is just that, the War Party is simply encouraged to become even more aggressive and we'll soon find ourselves invading even more countries.

One fortunate thing about the current Iraq debacle, and I hesitate to use the word "fortunate", is that our ground forces are now overextended. If the Iraqis would have just rolled over and welcomed us with open arms, we'd most certainly would already have attacked a number of other muslim countries.

For more info on the War Party strategy (and War Party includes Reps, Dems and, yes, even some libertarians) visit, if you haven't been there already.

Fred @ 9:28 am

BTW; Thanks for all the hits on my blog yesterday. Not a whole lot of hits but, of the ones that I could get a source url from, most came from here. I'll have to stir things up like this more often.

Pamela Reece @ 10:13 am

Fred, Thanks for the healthy discussion and sharing your views. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. Feel free to comment anytime, opposing views are welcome at any time. I don't mind hearing them, in fact I welcome them.

Fred @ 2:52 pm

How nice of you.

Except that's not supposed to be your last word. You're SUPPOSED to say something along the line of, "Gee, Fred, that was some real hard hitting commentary. I think you're right. I'm going over to the Libertarian Party web site right now to sign up with you guys. U.S. OUT OF IRAQ, NOW!"

But I realize you might not want to say that publicly- not yet anyway.

Pamela Reece @ 5:43 pm

Sorry to disappoint you, Fred! :-)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mike's America @ 10:58 pm

Poor ole Fred: If he thinks YOUR blog is scary… well he'd better stay away from mine… which is even SCARIER than Mark's.

I'm not half as nice as Pamela and Mark.. and even SCARIER!

Pamela: Have you ever wondered that maybe Fred is scared by the fact that one day he may have to face up to his responsibility for being so very wrong about so very much and how many millions of people have suffered from the unrelenting drumbeat of defeatism that Fred and company represent?

11 million Iraqis voting for the first truly free and democratic Arab government must be a scary thing for ole Fred.

Uncovering mass graves of tens of thousands of children and hundreds of thousand of adults must be a scary thing for the folks like Fred to claim to care so much about innocent life.

The Fred's of the world must have been scared when Iraqis danced in the streets after the fall of Hussein, just as the Freds where probably scared when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down and the threat of nuclear annihilation was ended by that Scary President Reagan.

Fred should be scared. Not of you, or any Republican. But of himself and the lies he so eagerly lapped up that condemned millions to a living nightmare.

That nightmare was only put to rest because of scary people like you and me Pamela (and Mark too).

Merry Scary Christmas Fred!

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