Sunday, January 8, 2006


I was sent the following via email:

Force Multipliers
Wikipedia: force multiplier-a military term referring to a factor that dramatically increases (hence multiplies) the combat-effectiveness of a given military force.

In Iraq an IED explodes,
An American soldier dies,
But that blast will grow as the media blow
It up before our eyes.
And trumpet to the watching world,
These fifth column falsifiers,
Like sheep they bleat we face defeat,
Our foe's force multipliers.

Osama and his minions know,
In combat they can't beat us;
So they hope and pray will come a day,
Our own media will defeat us.
Ignoring all the good we've done,
Liberals focus on the gore,
On losses mounting and body counting,
To prove we've lost this war.

They disgraced us once in Vietnam,
So now these leftists feel,
That again they'll win with media spin,
And make America kneel.
But defeatists aren't the only ones,
Learned lessons from the past;
Back then we swore we'd lose no more,
This time we're standing fast.

The Internet's exposed them,
As elitist media liars;
They stand unclothed and widely loathed,
Our foe's force multipliers.
Some day when all our troops return,
With Iraq on freedom's path,
The liberal elite who sought defeat,
May face some Righteous wrath.

Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66

Thank you for sending me this, Mr. Vaugh!!!

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Monday, January 9, 2006

Rebecca @ 8:40 am

This is totally awesome. i will make sure and link you!
You and I are in the same boat. Patriotic moms! I love blogging so much though and I have to watch out for putting this above other things at home that need to be done. :-0

I am sure you can relate??

I am so sick of these liberals who are hurting our military just because they hate Bush.

It is selfish and sickening what they are doing. I don't think they see how they are hurting our military. They are too blind with an agenda and the desire for liberal power to be put back in washington.
Honestly, I hope this Abram (sp?) thing knocks out both the liberals and republicans who are in this for themselves, and not the people.
I am sick of the spineless repubs. who are bought out, and don't vote the way they were hired to vote. They have gone centrist, and some have gone to the left.
Most are 'right' though, and there are some honest politicians out there who are out for the good of our country. So it isn't totally messed up!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

devildog6771 @ 9:04 am

nt me a poem some time back Called "Jihad Jane." Of cpourse he was referring to Jane Fonda. He is a wonderful poet. I love his work.

Pamela Reece @ 5:42 pm


You betcha I can relate and I'm with you on on the libs!

DD, I printed this poem out and I keep it on my bulletin board.

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