Saturday, June 17, 2006


Alright, after all the flip-off's I have had because of my previous bumper on my van and all of your comments.   I decided to "Deck The Halls of Pamela's Bumper".   I know it's hard to see but the little round one all the way on the left is a gun and it says "Homeland Security", the one next to it in small print says, "Courtesy of our Armed Forces".   So…Fa..La…La…La…La…dee..da!!   Now let's see how many flip-off's I get!

How is this for a new bumper on my van?  I think my husband really won't want to drive my van!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fred Mangels @ 2:26 pm

That's one way to make sure nobody asks to borrow your car.

warner todd huston @ 3:44 pm

Thats hilarious!

Go get 'em!

pamelareece @ 5:43 pm

Fred, LOL!!

Warner, I couldn't resist!

Gayle @ 8:21 pm

Cool! You are sure to get a lot of people waving their middle fingers at you in greetings now! Pretend it's the Hawaian Peace Sign!

pamelareece @ 8:33 pm

I went to Good Will today to drop off several bags of clothing. The kid who helped my husband unload them was smiling at my bumper stickers and said, "Hell, I'm even more conservative that this. Cool, Dude." True story!

Lady Jane @ 9:01 pm

It looks great!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

epiphany @ 8:02 am

that bumper is a work of art!! :D

pamelareece @ 5:41 pm

epiphany, I'm not done yet!! :-)

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