Thursday, March 8, 2007

Walter Reed

I have heard, and learned, much about the situation with the Walter Reed Medical Center scandal.  It is enough to fill up more than one Easter Basket.   After the story broke, I was outraged; as all Americans should be.  What befuddles me is why wasn't this investigated sooner?  Why did this wait so long? Why now?

I recently spoke to an Army Reservist Member who served in Iraq at the beginning of OIF.  I asked him point blank how he felt.  He said, "It is disgusting.  What's worse is that this news is being spread across the world.  It makes us look weak and unprepared."   I was not shocked at this response.

I am going to let it rip now; No Vet, not a single one,  should be given less than the best medical treatment.  Who's responsibility was it to oversee this?  I can not answer this question.   All that matters to me is our wounded warriors.

Our focus now should be on, not only who is responsible, but for those who need care now and in the future.  Especially those who served in the past.  Rather than spewing blame, let's solve it!  Let us all be united to change it.  As our Commander in Chief said, "This is unacceptable to me and it is unacceptable to all Americans."

Therefore, I am offering to all Americans, to please go to the D.A.V. and assist them.  Even if you can only send a few bucks, it is worth it.  Our Disabled Veterans deserve the best.  Please dig in your pockets and pass it on to those who have protected, served recently and ages ago.  They are worth every dollar!

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