Friday, December 14, 2007


Let the mud-slinging (turned melon-slinging) begin!   The Dems decided to begin their campaign's long before the GOP.  It only allows them more time to start the negative campaigns.  It has also allowed them to take endorsements when they really shouldn't.

Take the media's slogan, "Oprah-palooza".  Why did the media give Oprah so much attention; as if she were ever involved in politcs?  Furthermore, why has Obama accepted it?  I am not politically correct enough to avoid the truth.  It is because Oprah is black and has supported every black official that has held a high office in government and supports those that run.  I can vaguely recall when Oprah did an interview with Condi Rice.  The big "O" was enamoured with Condi, her family, her politics and Condi's rise to the top.  Yeah, I know, Oprah has said she is an "independent".  Does anyone really buy this?  I surely don't.  She is an "independent black voter".  If Obama were a white democrat, I highly doubt her southern accented, MLK speckled speech would have been so accepted. 

For those who don't know, Chicago is in the running to host the 2011 Olympic games.  However, Rev. Al Sharpton has interfered.  Sharpton says he is "going to expose the Chicago PD as racists unless they admit the corruption and CPD brutality against blacks".  He says he will use all of his resources, which would include church groups and our very own local Jesse Jackson to bolster the boycott.  Of course, the ACLU is right up on this, too.  So how does this help the poverty in Chicago?  How does this help the minorities looking for work?

I am sick to death of hearing outsiders use their power, just like the holly-wierds, as a spring-board for nothing but their own agendas.  Problem is, that the Oprah-palooza viewers, the ACLUer's, and Rainbow Pusher's are not about regular folks.  They are about what the can only are told. 

Wake up America!  Obama has zero experience.  His campaign is based upon race and depends upon others to gain voters.

Once again, I am glad not to be a democrat.  The Democratic party is stuck with Hillary, a woman of no integrity and blabbers about nothing.  Obama, a man who has had zero contact or understanding with foreign policy.  The other liberal candidates?  They are lost in the dust of black and female candidates.  Forgetting the issues and pulling out all the race and genders cards.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Joe American @ 5:15 pm

We are in big trouble in this country because the Oprahpalooza people have enough TV addicted Guilty Whites to just maybe squeeze through in '08

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