Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Lou, can you tell us a little about why you enlisted in the Marine Corps. and your specialty? 

I did not enlist.  I was originally drafted.  The Marines randomly picked so many of the draftees at the time. The reason being, that the Army was getting everyone.  The specialty, if that is what we call it, is extremely difficult for me to talk about. Lets just say it was Recon and more.

Do you find the establishment of the Vietnam War Memorial valuable to Vietnam Veterans, and why?

The Memorial to the VN Vets was an honor.  However, in the same breath, it opened many many wounds regarding the treatment of the vets by those that undermined the war efforts.  All in all, I believe it helped the healing process of the Vietnam War and turmoil here in the USA.

Some have equated the war in Iraq as "Another Viet Nam".  How do you feel about this as a V.V.?

Iraq is slowly turning into another Viet Nam in the way the politicians perceive this war.  The news media further complicates this by not printing or telling of the positives.  They only state the negatives. It just makes me sick all the way around and again it has opened many old wounds.

As you watch the coverage of OIF and OEF, how do you feel the Mainstream Media is doing in it's coverage of our troops and their mission?

The MSM news media are idiots.  They are not helping.  They are hurting if they show the positives. they don't because this will not serve their purpose or sell their product.

As an American Veteran, is there any particular candidate you feel will best serve the Military?

I am still torn on the candidate issue this election. Not thrilled with any of them. I just know the Dems in my opinion do not best serve our military.

Are you pleased with the way the veterans of the current conflicts are being treated?  If you could change anything about it, what would it be? 

No not pleased at all need better medical care need to help them adjust back into life in the US need to help them find gainful employment if their duty is over.

If you could give advice to Americans on how to make amends to make Vietnam Veterans for the way some were treated, what would you like to see?

A simple "THANK YOU" goes along way and by all means do not give credit the Jane Fonda's or Cindy Sheehan's of this world and their is alot of them.  Americans need to stand up to these kind of people.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Robert @ 11:13 pm

Does Lou blog anywhere? He should.
Good interview, but you didn't ask the good questions:
How were the Vietnam women?
How about the Vietnam cannabis?

You know lighten it up a little bit would ya….

There are a few Vietnam vets in my area and when we talk they usually have some really great stories, although not safe for work….LOL

Hey Lou, MOST of us REALLY appreciate what you did, whether you wanted to do it or not, YOU are an American hero, like it or not.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

pamelareece @ 6:15 pm

Robert, I've been trying to convince Lou to get into blogging for several years. I hope someday he'll do it. Maybe after he reads some comments that encourage him, he just might do it! He is so inspirational and continues his generosity to Marines that are currently deployed. He is my greatest teacher and mentor when it comes to the Marine Corps.

Thanks for your encouragement, Buddy! Did you read that, Lou?!?! Huh? Yeah, so many of us want to read what you have to say. Truth or Dare?!?!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Trevor @ 10:16 pm

That would be great if Lou would blog! I love to hear what veterans have to say, they are a great inspiration to us all because you are American heroes. I'm doing a project for an english class and it would be great if I could hear more of what he has to say or possibly talk to Lou. Thank you so much for what you gave!

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