Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Day A New Life

Okay.. here we go…I am back. After fighting cancer and winning, getting divorced with 4 children in my custody. Adjusting to changing from a stay at home mom to a full time and (already promoted) worker. I have achieved these goals. Now it time for me to be back. I am fighting the same fight I have always fought. Number one, for our troops and getting our Nation to support them in the mission they were given and assist them in staying the course.

To protect our rights and demand answers from those who don't. To not allow the ACLU, ACCORN, and other so called agencies that say they are helpful to the United State's security continue their lies. Question the new Administration on their motives and stand firm behind my fellow Americans.

Yes, the USAF brat is back….back to fight back.

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