I'm an American, Republican, Patriotic Mom.  I have been blessed with 4 great children.  We reside in the 'burbs of Chicago.

I Enjoy:  Reading, writing, gardening, music, interior/exterior design, politics, and history.

True Passions:  Law, Investigative Reporting/research, forensic psychology

Little Things That Make Me Smile:  Beatiful papers and fabrics.  Being alone in silence with God.  Sipping wine.  Watching my children sleep.

Secret Loves:  Gemology and the American English language.

Favorite Music:  Southern Rock, Rock,  American Country, Classical and everything in between.  I am secretly in love with Kid Rock.

Favorite Movies:  Pay It Forward, Leaving Las Vegas, Saving Private Ryan, Gone With The Wind, Blackhawk Down, Pride and Prejudice,  Immortal Beloved.

Favorite T.V. Series:  Seinfeld, The X-Files and Law & Order

I come from a long line of military in my family.  They are from every branch of American Service.  My Father was in the Air Force, my brother in the Army, 3 uncles in the Marines, 1 in the Green Beret's, 1 in Special Ops Forces in Vietnam.  No special treatment for any specific branch here.

Bottom Line:  I am nuturing and loving, but I wont take any crap.  I don't apologize for my traditional and wonderful family or feel  guilty for my upper middle-class upbringing.  My family worked their asses off to give me what I had and I'm damn proud of them for giving it to me.   As a result, I will sacrifice and do whatever is necessary to give the same to my children. 

Philosophy:  I live by what I call the "Four F's".  As long as nobody messes with my "Four F's" they are great in my world.   In no particular order they are: 1. Family  2. Friends  3. Finances  4. Flag.   Otherwise, I will give you the shirt off of my back and anything else I've got to give. 




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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Politically Incorrect Mom @ 10:03 pm

I stumbled on your site. I enjoyed it very much. Keep blogging – the world needs more of us Patriotic Moms and we all need to stick together.

My best,

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