Saturday, December 8, 2007


Here, in the Chicago area, snow has blanketed the ground.  One of the things I love about living in the Midwest, is the change of seasons. Winter gives natives the greatest joy to step outside on the evening of our first fallen snow.

You stand there looking around.  Listening…watching…and waiting.  You gaze at the street lights to figure out which direction the sky is blowing.  The sounds of the night start to become muffled.  The more that it falls, the more quiet it becomes.  The sounds of cars passing by, the tones of the sirens as they rush their injured for help are not heard.

The lights that guided you to safety are lost in a blurr.    Sometimes, you have squint to see in the distance.  Even if you are very still, you can't.  So, you look down at your feet.  Surely you can see your feet!  Although, on some nights, you can't even see the tips of your boots.  They are buried.  Buried beneath the swirling new ground that has fallen below you.

So you slow down.  Knowing you could slip and fall.  You aren't sure what is ahead of you, or what is behind.  You just try to get your footing.  All you can hear is your own heat beating.  All you can see is your smoky breath.  All you can feel is ice cold.

Getting into a vehicle isn't always the best option in storms like this.  You have to rely on too many things to get you to where you need to go, but you aren't sure if you can depend on those things.  Driving on the treacherous roads is not a great idea either.  What if you get stuck?  What if you loose control and you are lost in a ditch with nobody to see or hear you?  You have to assess if it's worth the risk.

Most would find this a frightening experience, but I don't.   The reason is because I don't fear it.  I have lived with it all of my life.  I know how to maneuver and navigate.  I know when it's safe and when it's not.  I know when to stay put and when to forge ahead.  I have had a lifetime of learning.  I have seen others new to this experience and I give them some advice.

If you can see your feet, you can walk.  If you can feel your heart, you are alive.  If you can see the lights, you are not alone.  If you can, stand up on your feet  you can walk.  If you are you can navigate, you know where to go.  If you can hear voices or sounds, your senses will guide you.  If all of your senses are gone, then you must wait.

Oh…the reality of snow storms in the Midwest.  Oh…the reality of sand storms in the Mideast.  Just like them, we are all just lambs.  We are both silenced by the storms we never saw coming.  Silenced by what we must do to survive.  In the end, it is just that. Silenced as we all are…just lambs.


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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Today is the day I am to celebrate my birth.  Of course I am grateful for my life, but I never really did quite understand why the Mother and Father are not the ones who are celebrated when it is their child's birthday.  After all, it was their love that brought us into this world.

Today, I think of all the things my Mother and Father have done and given to me.  This is my personal dedication to both of you Mom and Dad:

I know you were both raised in poor families and survived many childhood tragedies. You both worked so hard, sacrificed and had nothing but the highest of hopes for all your children.  Speaking as your only daughter, I am proud to say you are my parents.  You gave me all of the highest qualities, morals, values and humbleness that I carry each day.  You gave me pride in my heritage and the freedom to be who I am.

I took you down some bumpy roads and the road ahead is yet to be seen.  The one thing that is certain, is that our love within our  family is strong enough to withstand anything.

Thank you for giving me life.  The one thing I can do to repay you is to make you proud of me.  I will leave my mark on this world.  It may not be recognized by every walking soul, but I will know it.  And I will smile.

Mommy, Mom, I remember always wanting to be you: gentle, nurturing, okay with silence, and willing to give to anyone  I know is deserving no matter the sacrifice to myself.   Pops my Rock…..I will always be the Greek who will not waiver and fight to my death for what I know is right.  I will always be proud of the military lessons in strength and courage.  I know just when to use my kick-ass style when I need it.   What a contrast you both are but what a balance it gave me.

Happy "Giving Birth Day To Me" Mom and Dad!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am often asked how folks can help our troops.  Although it may be past the deadline to ensure delivery of Christmas packages  to base camps in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is not too late to help out the U.S. Military this holiday season.

I always try to convey how valuable the families of our deployed need our gratitude and help, too.   After all, I have been blessed with knowing, first-hand, how much these brave,selfless families appreciate not being forgotten.  Here is one way, you can help:

Please visit:  Trees for Troops.   At Trees for Troops,  you can find a great way to help, not just our deployed Service Members, but their loved ones this Christmas.  You will find links to other sites that can assist you in navigating your way to a whole host of other helpful websites.

The gift of gratitude is a precious gift we give to ourselves, too.

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Hello one and all!  As you probably noticed, I took a month off from my website.  I had a lot happening in my personal life.  Although not everything has been resolved, I have a new found strengh and am better able to write without outsiders interfering with my focus.

I can't really pick up where I left off.  So much has happened that attempting it would be futile.  After all, today is a new day.  I will be spending time catching up on everyone's blogs/websites and look forward to getting back into the swing of my own.


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