Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Democratic Blow-Fish

 As I watched the democratic debate last evening on CNN, I was more than nauseated.  I must warn you that I have not read any other blogs, websites, etc. in order to post my view.  I just didn't want to be swayed.

This is what I took from the debate as an average, Midwestern mother of 4;

1.  Anderson Çooper tried to make it appear as if he were in charge.  That was quite a performance.  As a regular viewer of debates, I could tell he was being told what to say via his ear production crew.  It just didn't fly with me.

2.  None of the candidates could answer a question directly.  They bantered about things they chose to say disregarding the chosen inquiries by CNN.

3.  CNN is good at giving their choice candidates more time than those who are not as well known.  Duh!!

I came away from viewing the CNN/Utube debate as fraudulent  Then again, it is CNN who came up with the idea.  What they failed to inform the viewers is that every question were liberals.  Hand-picked and chosen.  Journalism?   Yeah, maybe for the left-wing liberals but not for the conservative or the GOP.

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Monday, July 23, 2007


My eldest son, Ryan, turned 14 on July 6.  Quite a turning point in a kid's life (not to mention my own).  Yeah, most 14 year old kids think they know it all, can believe they are indestructible, and have zero plans until they wipe the sleep out of their eyes in the morning.  I am very fortunate with my oldest son.  He doesn't live his life this way.  Never has, and I doubt ever will.

He has always had ambition to help others and continues to celebrate his life with those who are God loving,  good kids.  He has spoken often about carrying on the family tradition of being in the Military.  His grandparents try to persuade him not to be involved in the U.S. military.    My Mother sat at my kitchen table, the evening before his graduation, weeping.  She told him he would have a home in Kentucky if he were to go to University there.  While I understood my Mother's desire to be close to Ryan, I also believe there was another motive.  They do not want him in the military or public service.

Last week, I took my son for his high school physical.  The Physician was wonderful.  He asked him questions, not only about his health, but about his goals.  I wasn't all that surprised when he said, "I want to be involved with a K-9 unit or some kind of law enforcement".

So, this post is dedicated to my son, Ryan.  You are the best child a Mom could ask for.  Your morals, attitudes, and beliefs have made you a man.  You are 2" taller than me now and you are more certain of your future than I.  One thing I do know, is that you I raised you right and you are proof of that.

I love you, Ryan.  Now and forever.  No matter what you choose to do, I am with you.  You are a blessing, not only to me, but to the world.  You will do great things.   I know this because of who have been and who you are. 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Being a Patriot


 My Patriotic House














It may have been my Uncle who was shot down in WWII, my Dad who was in the Air Force, my Brother who served in the Army, or my uncle who served in the Vietnam Marines Special Forces.  Whatever my reasons, they are too numerous to culminate but into one basic factor… I am a Patriot.

Not just your average American patriot.  Not one one who puts out mini American flags on Independence Day, only to forget about them until they are discarded in October.  I am a Patriot through my heart, soul and being. I've known this all of my life and spent most of my adult life expressing it.

I am the Mom who takes my kids to 4th of July parades and cries as the local VFW members proudly stroll by. I am the Mom who stands at each National Anthem being sung.  I made certain my children could recite it before they could recite nursery rhymes. I am still that Mom, today.

Thanks to technology, I can now share what I have learned  to thousands of others, freely and honorably.  I am a Patriotic American Mom who loves this Country.  I feel it is my duty, not only to those whom I have lost, but to others who have lost.  I must share my journey into expressing it, getting others to express their patriotism.  I only hope others will learn from me, my values and the values this grand nation was founded upon. I, in turn, hope to learn from all of you!

~Let Freedom Ring!!~

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Friday, June 22, 2007


The rumors have been flying around like the cicadas in the Midwest that the White House will be shutting down GITMO.  Those who actually pay attention realize this is nonsense and untrue.  The left wingers want us to believe that the prisoners at GITMO are the same as other POW's in the past.  NOT TRUE!!!!

Wake up, lefties, the men at GITMO are not your "typical" POW's.  They are prisoners of a different kind.  They aren't Nazi's who if released would scurry back to Germany to find their families and hide.  They aren't like the Vietnamese who we released and they did the same thing.  No, folks.  These are TERRORISTS!!  Born, raised, ready and willing to return to their home base in order to continue, recruit and further their plans to kill Americans.  What is so hard to understand about this?

What would the liberals have us do?  Let them all go wild into the wilderness like a bunch of wild coyote's, let them gather into a pack and wait for the next kill?  Or, maybe we should just put them all up in a Hilton hotel with room service, hot tubs with around the clock call-to-prayer wake-up calls?

I am sick to death of hearing about the so-called "cruelty" to the terrorists at GITMO.  Stop focusing on the terrorists who get 3 square meals a day, calls to prayer, clean clothing, and anything else they need.  Rather, focus on why they are there!  If you ask me, they don't even deserve what they are getting.  Maybe we should let them go.  How about we release them into the wild streets of New York where they rejoiced of the killings of thousands of Americans.  Let's see if they can defend themselves.  Let's see if they get any sympathy from the firefighter houses that lost their comrades to these jerks.  Even better, let them go on the streets of Chicago's South side.  Trust me, they would last more than 10 minutes out in these jungles!  No caves to hide behind, to sand to dig into.

At that end, may all those morons who want to just let the prisoners at GITMO go on their merry way.  Wake up!  If you're so upset about their treatment, why don't you go jump in a cell with them.  Tell them you're an American.  We'll see how long it takes before you finally get it!!  Hey, you can even go jump into a cell with Charles Manson if it makes you happy because that's exactly the same thing. 

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