Thursday, December 29, 2005


I forgot to post the photo below on the day of the Iraqi elections:

Purple fingers everywhere!!!

About the "Spy Scandal"…… I haven't written about it because I don't think this story should have ever been released, much less debated. My only opinion is this: The President has the right and authority to do whatever it takes to protect the U.S. and frankly, I'm glad it's being done. I knew the second the "Times" printed this and the MSM picked it up, the libs and the terrorists would use it against the U.S. Just another example as to how the MSM just can't shut the hell up for the benefit of our National Security.

Poland's new Prime Minister, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, has asked to extend it's troops term in Iraq. Bravo!!! An ally who understands the value of not cutting and running when the mission isn't complete. The new President understands those Poles who lost their lives in OIF it be a dishonor to them if they left now.

Natalie Halloway's mother has finally stopped bashing the Aruban government and is turning a tragedy into helping others. I am very sorry for her loss. From the very beginning of this story, I believed, and still do, that if you choose to travel to another country, there are risks you take. Not only the risk of what happened to this young woman, but that you are bound by the laws of that particular Country. Remember the "flogging" incident? Good for Mrs. Halloway Twitty for turning her grief and anger into something postive. Now if only Mutha Sheehan could follow suit.

The recent violence in an Iraqi prison, Camp Justice, is further proof that U.S. and Coalition Forces must stay in Iraq to continue training Iraqi's before handing over control of the prisons. If an inmate is able to overpower an Iraqi guard, take his gun and go on a killing rampage, what more evidence is needed that there is still work to be done?

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


All Mom's and Dad's expect their children to wake up a little earlier than normal on Christmas morning. However 3:45 is obscene!!! Go back to bed!!! The morning is all a blur to me so I'm glad I took pictures and my husband video taped it. Even after several cups of java, I still couldn't get the cob-webs out my head! At any rate, here are some shots of our family on Christmas morning. If you click on the pix you can view them larger..yes my eyes are that green and bloodshot, yes my babies are that beautiful: Sydney with her new Furby…did you know these things talk, play games, go to sleep and eat? Whatever happened to Cudley Dudley? Ryan opening these things called "War Hammers". They're these tiny model's that kids paint and then battle against one another. Remember the little green Army guys? Alex about to look through a "War Hammer" book. Yes, there is actually a huge book that explains each of the "guys", their powers, strategies, etc. Colin opening a t.v. plug in Star Wars Light Saber game. You hook it up to the t.v. and he battles with his Light Saber against characters from the movie on the screen. Huh? Well, it's better than hitting his sister upside the head with it. Mike checking out a set of those miniture American Civil War collectible figures Santa brought. Hey, what's with the Grinch pajama bottoms…you don't look grouchy to me! Me with my Seinfeld DVD collection with the "Puffy Shirt". Never mind how I look, you'd look like this too if you'd had too much eggnog on Christmas Eve and only 3 hours of sleep! Hey, who let the cat of the bag?!?!? Ah…that's better! Amazing what a few drops of Visine and make-up will do! Alex and Ryan working on those War Hammer things in the kitchen. Excuse the open pantry door…there's nothing "good" in there anyway, according to my kids. Alex proudly standing behind the K'Nex contraption he built. This thing says on the box to allow at least 6 hours to build…it took Alex less than 2 hours to accomplish it! Yeah, for Alex! Notice Twister on the floor next to him…Sydney got that from Santa. Rule number one: Mom should not attempt this after having too much wine and too little sleep. She will "twist" her ankle and be limping for 2 hours. So, there you have it!! Christmas at our house. I was too tired to take pictures of our dinner table. I made a ham with the fixin's. It was delicious! The kids were occupied all day with their new treasures. Suprisingly there was no fighting….this is HUGE when all 4 kids are operating on roughly 5 hours of sleep. Mom and Dad enjoyed their day, too. I passed out for about an hour just to take the edge off as the ham was cooking, so did Mike. Another Christmas is over and I wonder what next year will be like. For now, I'll hold on to the memories of this Christmas. I'll remember the looks on their faces as the opened their presents, I'll remember the Christmas Carols playing softly all day long as we all went about our day. I'll remember watching Mike play games with the kids as they smiled when they won. I'll remember the kids saying, "Mom, this is a great dinner! Thanks!". I'll remember the silly stuff, the laughter and the smiles. Thank you, God, for giving me the most wonderful family in the whole world. I'm so blessed and I know it. Each of my children are a gift and I am grateful to have them. I am also grateful for my husband, who is the light and love of my life. We were so happy to share in the celebration of the birth of your Son.

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Monday, December 26, 2005


The folllowing article was in The Guardian:

Danger and anti-war stance keep celebrities away
Shows now depend on Christian hip-hop groups

Jamie Wilson in Washington
Saturday December 24, 2005

During world war two American troops away from home for Christmas were entertained by Marlene Dietrich, Bing Crosby and the Marx Brothers. Even in Vietnam Bob Hope was guaranteed to put in an appearance. But soldiers in Iraq are more likely to get a show from a Christian hip-hop group, a country singer you have probably never heard of and two cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys.

Just as the seemingly intractable nature of the war has led to a growing recruitment crisis, so the United Services Organisation, which has been putting on shows for the troops since the second world war, is struggling to get celebrities to sign up for even a short tour of duty.

It is a far cry from the days following the September 11 2001 attacks, when some of the biggest names in show business, from Jennifer Lopez to Brad Pitt, rallied to the cause. "After 9/11 we couldn't have had enough airplanes for the people who were volunteering to go," Wayne Newton, the Las Vegas crooner who succeeded Bob Hope as head of USO's talent recruiting effort, told USA Today. "Now with 9/11 being as far removed as it is, the war being up one day and down the next, it becomes increasingly difficult to get people to go."

Newton said many celebrities have been wary of going because they think it might be seen that they are endorsing the war. "And I say it's not. I tell them these men and women are over there because our country sent them, and we have the absolute necessity to try to bring them as much happiness as we can."

Fear is also a factor. "They're scared," country singer Craig Morton, who is in Iraq on the USO's Hope and Freedom Tour 2005, told USA Today. "It's understandable. It's not a safe and fun place and a lot of people don't want to take the chance."

The USO was founded in 1941 as a way of boosting morale for the military. For most of that time Bob Hope, who made his first appearance in 1942 and his last in 1990, was its most recognisable face, famed for putting on Christmas extravaganzas on aircraft carriers and American bases during the Vietnam war. Thousands of performers signed up to play the "foxhole circuit" during the second world war, but the USO has a much smaller list.

Some of the entertainers still willing to travel are die-hard true believers – rock musician Ted Nugent carried a Glock handgun to shows in Iraq last year and said in a radio interview that he manned a machine gun on a Humvee. But many of the USO's regular performers are fierce critics of the war, among them the comic and star of Good Morning Vietnam, Robin Williams, who told USA Today he would like to return to the Middle East in the spring for what would be his fourth tour since 2002. "I'm there for the [troops], not for W," he said in a reference to the president. "Go, man. You won't forget it. You'll meet amazing people," is his message to stars that ask him about the tours. But the comedian said he mostly tries to keep politics out of the show after he did a few Other critics of the war who regularly perform include the leftwing comedian Al Franken (who is headlining the current tour along with Christian hip-hop group Souljahz) and the punk legend and actor Henry Rollins, one of the Bush administrations most vocal critics.

The tradition of beautiful women thrilling the troops has continued – although while Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell showed up in Korea and Vietnam could boast Raquel Welch, in Iraq they have had to make do with sometime pop singer and reality TV star Jessica Simpson.

Wartime entertainers

Second world war 1941 – 1945
Bob Hope
Duke Ellington
The Marx Brothers
Judy Garland

Korean war 1950 – 1953
Bob Hope
Marilyn Monroe
Jane Russell

Vietnam war 1961 – 1975
Bob Hope
John Wayne
Raquel Welch

Gulf war 1990 – 1991
Bob Hope
Steve Martin
Iraq war 2003 – present
Robin Williams
50 Cent
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

Guardian Unlimited

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Saturday, December 24, 2005


I've been meme'd by Yankee Mom. I 'm supposed to come up with 5 "quirky" things about myself for this:

1. I have to sleep with the television on but can NOT have the fan running or any other noises because they bug me!
2. I drink gallons of water daily and it must be on ice….if not, I can't drink it.
3. I can't listen to the same radio station for more than 2 minutes…I surf and surf until I drive my husband, or anyone else, out of the room.
4. I can NOT go to sleep with dirty dishes in the sink. They must be put in the dishwasher or I'll get up at 1am and do it.
5. I need lot's of blankets of me when I go to sleep. I don't care if I have to turn the A/C up in the summer. I must have at least 1 sheet, a blanket and a comforter on top of me.

Okay there it is! There is more, but I'm going to make other's do this. Of course we can wait until after Christmas.

Minivan Mom
Patriotic Voice
Two Blue Lines

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